Q: How much water does a sprinkler system use?

A: Our irrigation systems are designed to use the exact amount of water needed by the plants in the area. For this reason, our sprinkler systems often use less water than garden hoses.


Q: Will my sprinkler system still run during rainy weather?

A: Sprinkler systems with rain sensors will automatically shut off when it rains. Other systems have buttons that allow you to shut them off manually.


Q: Will an irrigation system affect the appearance of my lawn?

A: Our crew takes great care to avoid landscape damage when installing irrigation equipment.


Q: Will a sprinkler system save me time?

A: If you are used to watering your landscape with a hose, a sprinkler system will save you time by doing the watering for you.


Q: Why do I need a backflow device for my irrigation system?

A: Backflow devices are used to keep water from flowing back into the water supply.